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    Pre-Paid Entries - Direct Debit Available

    Pre-paid entries are now open for the second half of 2014. The details remain the same as in the first half. As a Waratah member you can pre-pay your race entry fee up until 31 December for $125. That means after only 8 races you effectivly ride free. Just bring your money to your next race meeting and you will be placed on the pre-paid list. Pre-payments exclude entry in the two remaining 'open' events. Non Waratahs are also welcome to pre-pay at a cost of $200. You can now direct debit your payment as follows: Account - Waratah Masters CC; BSB - 112879; Account - 098120801. Remember to include your FULL NAME.  

Waratah Masters racing results

from 20.07.2014 – Criterium Race at Lansdowne Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 416 (25 July 2014)
  • Rider of the Week: Mark Haughton

    Ever wondered who that grey figure is huddled trackside at Lansdowne on a Sunday morning? Some derro fallen on hard times? Almost--it’s Mark Haughton—or was—now heavily disguised as a photographer. It wasn’t always thus, at one stage Mark was the darling of the Waratah peleton before accident and disease struck him down. But I’m getting ahead of myself, come with me now as we relive Mark’s chequered career:

      The 19 year old Haughton snapped on his cool-rider sunnies and with an air of studied casualness cocked his leg over the 650cc BSA Road Rocket and side-car he had just bought, or rather had just signed a piece of paper in exchange for. As it roared into life he thrilled to the surge of guilty excitement pulsing through his young body. Sure he couldn’t afford it. Sure it wasn’t registered or insured and sure he hadn’t ridden one before, but what the hell? God protects the young doesn’t He? And anyway what could possibly happen on the short trip from Clovelly home to Castlecrag?
    He found out a short while later   more ...

  • Rider of the Week 1899

    Thrashed by a Lady Cyclist Who is Noted for her Athletic Powers
    Evening Post: August 12, 1899
    An extraordinary scene was witnessed on Saturday morning in Peel-lane, a thoroughfare connecting Little Hulton with Tyldsley, in which the principal participants were a young lady cyclist and a youth of nineteen or twenty. The lady was riding at a good pace and when in a quiet part of the road a young man, who had apparently been imbibing, stepped into the roadway, and, addressing some insulting remarks to the cyclist, made as if he intended to pull her off the machine. She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in scientific fashion, to the delight of several colliers who were passing. The young man made off, and the cyclist, who is believed to be a Bolton lady noted for her athletic powers, rode off towards Tyldesley.     more ...

  • Club Team Time Trials

    The Club Team Time Trials are held in the depths of Winter each year to provide challenging weather conditions to add to the rigours of a 40km race contre le montre and this year was no exception. It was freezing cold with headwinds in both directions!
    Waratah sent eight teams to Nowra where the trials were held, including one women's team: Michelle Kelly; Lisa Smith; Lorraine Werry and Annie Simmons who acquitted themselves with honour without quite making the podium and our most succesful men's team of: Paul Mckay; Ian Jackson; Malcolm Scott-Logan and Denis Fahey who finished with a silver medal in the 180 years plus category.
      Chapeaux à tous!

      Full results are on the CNSW site,     more ...

  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and only 155 km up for the week. I thought it had been cold in Sydney of a morning but on Sunday morning at Lansdowne I got a call from daughter No 3 Deborah.  She is a weekend warrior with the ADF and she is on a camp at Bandiana in Victoria. Deborah asked how many layers she should put on as the temperature there was zero and she was just going to duck down to the local shop for some bread, but like all bike riders when you get the bike wound up it’s hard to stop and she finished up going past Lake Hume etc. I had told her she would need at least five layers plus newspaper. Monday was so cold here when riding and the wind chill factor froze my bones and I was forced to agree with Dr Keith about sucking in cold air and how it causes the breathing tubes to restrict.  Usually I enjoy my ride regardless of conditions but I must say Monday was not one of them.   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    All Froth and Bubble My guess is that most Waratahs look forward to two things each week, one is the Sunday morning racefest and the other is the time at the coffee shop after a ride with your mates. Truth be told the Poacher would rarely be seen out on the bike if the ride did not end up at a favourite coffee shop haunt. Papas at St Ives and George’s Quad café at Homebush are two favoured Waratah haunts for mid-week rides and they are very carefully selected. You need a warm welcome, a place to safely store your bike, water jugs aplenty and, most importantly, a barista who can handle the volume and still deliver a good hot coffee.
    The proprietors, bless their cotton socks should be happy when the cash register starts ringing. Sure they and their other patrons have to put up with a bunch of smelly Mamils taking up most of the tables   more ...

  • Dr John

    John Mandrola, MD is a cardiac electrophysiologist practising in Louisville KY. He’s also a husband to a palliative care doctor, a father, a bike racer, and a regular columnist. Here’s an excerpt from an article on his blog:

      The Mysterious Athletic Heart
    A very accomplished colleague of mine once mused—about an athletic patient with a heart problem:
    “John…the guy is only a cyclist…It’s not like riding a bike is that hard.”
    I wanted to call him to the EP lab to feel how the heart of an endurance athlete rocks the catheter that you hold in your hand more than three feet away from the chest.   more ...

  • In the Zone

    The Real Facts about Metabolically Healthy Obesity Posted on December 11, 2013 by Dr. Barry Sears One of great paradoxes of our obesity epidemic is that many obese individuals appear to be quite healthy.  This makes the true believers in the Holy Grail of BMI, as the standard for good health, quite livid.  They know in their hearts that obesity is a mortal sin.  Early this year the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published another in a long series of articles demonstrating that being overweight significantly decreases your likelihood of dying compared to being “normal weight” (1).  Immediately Harvard Medical School went on a rampage crying foul.  So you can imagine the delight of the weight-loss experts when a new meta-analysis demonstrated that “there is no healthy pattern of increased weight” (2).  Take that, you silly scientists at the CDC.   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    What are your odds? In my business, we replace roofs. A week or so ago, we stripped old terracotta roof tiles off a roof in preparation for the installation of a new colorbond metal roof. My guys make a bit of an early morning racket by proceeding to strip the old roof tiles off and chucking them a fair way down into the back of a tip truck. There were a lot of smashed roof tiles ending up in the back of the tipper. It is usually my job to take the tipper to the recycling plant where I would tip the contents next to the crusher. It was another uneventful trip to the tip for me until I had made my exit from the yard and travelled maybe a kilometre. I heard a clunk in the tipper tray behind me and pulled over to check what it was. It was an amazing sight. There was a solitary roof tile (very intact and looking hardly scratched) lying in the otherwise empty tray.   more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    "G'day mate. Did you get a load of Bling's new bike?"
    "Not another one!? That's his second this year. Anyone would think he's not married."
    "He's not."
    "There you go--proves my point. (Resignedly) So what bill of goods has he been sold this time?"
    "I don't think he's got the bill yet."
    "That's a figure of speech meaning...never mind..what did he get?"
    "A stealth bomber mate, with discs."
    "A what, with what?"
    "It's all black, named after a bomber and has got the biggest disc brakes you've ever seen, except on a mountain bike."
    "Good lord, the bush technology has finally penetrated our sacred Pantheon."
    "Nah, that wasn't it mate--some name more like Spitfire."
    "That wasn't a bomber."
    "Wasn't it?   more ...

  • Immortal Humour

    A wife, fishing for compliments, asked her husband “What do you find most attractive about me, my good looks, my sexy body or my intellectual ability?”
    Her husband looked at her carefully from head to toe and replied “Best of all I like your sense of humour.”   more ...

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