• Sep 01   2014

    Southern Hemisphere Cup - Entries Close 6 September

    The closing date for entries in the Southern Hemisphere Cup has been extended to Sunday 6 September. Entries can be made via the CNSW web site. The race will be held on 14 September at Eastern Creek Raceway (SMSC). Sponsored by Continental / Rudy Project prize value is over $3,000 plus trophies. Racing will be graded scratch races across six grades, A - F, with races lasting from 75 - 45 minutes depending on grade.

  • Aug 24   2014

    Club Road Championships - Results

    Congratulations to all 80 Waratahs who raced in the Club Road Championships at Lansdowne. It was great to see so many Club members participating in this enjoyable mornings racing. Well done to all grade winners and place getters, medals will be presented at the annual Club dinner in December. Full race results can be seen on the link below.

    Road Championships Results

Waratah Masters racing results

from 31.08.2014 – Criterium Race at Lansdowne Park
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Waratah tempo  Edition : 420 (29 August 2014)
  • Vandaliser of the Week: Ian Jackson

    Your Committee prides itself on its sophistication, erudition and sensitive management but when a tree fell on the Club van it called for stronger medicine.
    The insurance company was summoned and they wrote it off at a glance--and the van too--then offered us a market value which wouldn't have bought a round of Dave's coffees, yet alone a new van. This was compounded by the cost of fitting out a replacement van with all our bespoke storage would be far more than the cost of the van.
    Your Committee put its erudite, sensitive heads together and resolved "Bugger it! We'll keep the old banger going (referring to the van, not the President). No-one will notice the odd dent and it still runs OK , providing you don't mind it turning 90 degrees   more ...

  • Ernie's Excursions

    Friday and 210 km up for the wet week. Sunday was a disappointing day, firstly because the race was cancelled, then later in the morning while relaxing having a coffee and reading the paper No. 4 Daughter, Kathy, who lives with us with her fifteen year old Bichon Friese dog who was sitting on his favourite wicker chair and when he jumped off his legs just splayed out sideways and he did a belly flop.  His head was facing on a bad angle and he was trying to get up but couldn’t so I lifted him up but his legs were shaking and he was frozen on the spot. I am a tough old bugger but the sight of a dog in the death throes bought a tear to my eyes. I thought about ringing Kathy as she was at the gym, but when it is not your dog you have to wait and watch and this is not a very pleasant experience.

    Kath eventually arrived home and she could see that the end was near so she rang her husband Carl and they took the dog to the vet for advice.  Unfortunately he needed to be put down.   more ...

  • Granny's Eggsuckers

    Core Promises
    The Poacher has noticed that quite a few Waratahs actually take this total fitness caper quite seriously. In times of old we Veterans just pedalled two or three times a week and then pressed the race button on Sundays, usually relying on stealth rather than fitness to hang on to the youngsters and then try and get a wheel in front at the end. Things have changed with gym workouts, spin classes, yoga and Pilates (just to name a few) starting to occupy the week and there is little doubt that they are all very good for you. Most of us have developed a reliable amount of strength in the quads and calves as well as being “up there” aerobically so we can keep up with the training group and hang in there on Sundays. The trouble with just pedalling is that the rest of the body can become a bit of a disaster with flabby and inflexible muscles trying to shore up everything else in the upper body. Usually the Poacher makes observations such as these without really knowing what he is talking about   more ...

  • Kaffee Klatsch

    “G’day mate. The usual thanks Nick. Mate, Cleat’s cracked it again.”
    “The lottery?”
    “Nah mate, his frame. He’s only just had it replaced and it’s gone again.”
    “Same place?”
    “Nah, that’s the funny thing, first time it was the chain stay and now it’s the top tube.”
    “Sounds like one of those cheap fakes that are flooding the market.”
    “Course not mate, it’s a top of the line Caramello. Cost him a fortune and signed by Bruschetti himself.   more ...

  • Happy Jack's Life-coaching Corner

    How to create that irresistible personal brand.
    I spent a lot of time in the markets when I was young. My parents were market gardeners most of their lives and this was the environment in which I grew up. At a young age, I used to spend time after school helping my dad sell at his market stall. Then when I was studying at Uni, weekends and holidays were spent at the vegie section of Sydney’s Paddy markets.
    You would think that after all this experience, I would have learnt a few things about selling and marketing. I can tell you that I learnt only the basics and not much more.
    And this is the thing. We can spend a life time doing life and only end up doing the basic things until the day we die. Life is so forgiving that we can afford to muddle through it and still get to the end.
    But if we want to push the boundaries of life, we must know that marketing controls life’s borders. If you are in a Job all your life, you may think   more ...

  • Immortal Humour

    I recently went to my doctor for my annual check up. After the usual tests he said I was doing 'fairly well' for my 70 years. A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, 'Do you think I'll live to be 80?'
    He asked, 'Do you smoke or drink?'
    'Oh no,' I replied... 'I'm not doing drugs, either!'
    Then he asked, 'Do you eat out a lot with lots of steaks?'
    I said, 'Not much. I know that all red meat is high in fat and very unhealthy!'
    'Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, sailing, hiking, or bicycling?'
    'No, I don't,' I said.
    He asked, 'Do you gamble, drive fast cars, stay up late or have a lot of sex?'
    'Good heavens, no,' I said.
    He looked at me and said 'Then why would you want to live that long?'

      more ...

We take racing seriously, but we also enjoy our cycling and involve our club members regardless of their level and abilities.

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